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    Tuesday, June 9, 2009


    YOYO!!! OMG im finally back after like half a year XD. Wulalala..
    Currently in cost accounting lesson while posting as her lesson is like so sians la!

    Haha.. Tests are over and holidays are coming (a short one thou =X) heehee.. there are loads of things planned ahead! [MY HOLIDYAS ARE FULLY PACKED!!] and i hope i can spend more time with bb.

    Looking forward to:
    1) Girls BBQ's @ Wenda place
    2) Bowling with carissa =D
    3) Hiking with mei and family
    4) Kbox with girls and bb
    5) Sentosa trip
    6) Outing with mumu & ah jie
    7) meeting up with more ppls, etc!

    Despite so these fun activities, we still have PROJECTS TO DO!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

    Projects are awaiting for me:
    - Business Finance ICA2
    - Business Law ICA2
    - Cost Accounting ICA2
    [more to come i guess]


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Friday, May 1, 2009

    Blurry Wendalyn

    OMG!!! it has ben a long long time since we 3 beauties update our blog haha. School has started like one week ago omg and already so much homework!!! argh!!! luckly this sem we will be having a long break hehe haiz...but most of the time will end school at 6pm!!!

    well~~~nothing much going on. On thursday, we had a 4 hrs breaks. haha 5 of us, Ah Jo,Zhimin,Serene,Karen and me went to woodlands to pass our long break. Ended up going to Ajisen Ramen hehe. Then we went to timezone. haha Ah Jo started hitting all the games and ended up hving one free game haha. Then saw a "roller coaster" haha. all of us took turns to tried them haha.not scary, but all of us very zi high and keep on screaming haha. Oh then Ah Shi join us at timezone while.Ah Jo partner with me, Zhimin with Karen and Ah Shi with Serene. haha. we all sure make lots of noise.well, come to think of it, 4 hrs just flew by like that...quite fast eh~~~ haha

    Then back to tutorial with LAW...haha started on the tutorial IMMEDIATELY!!!! omg~~~ when most of us thought it was just an introductions wk haha...well, guess we were wrong when dealing with LAW~~~~ haha...Well..nothing more to write..its Vesak Day...and the swine flu sure dont help bringing up the holiday mood...haiz...pig ah pig...y must you have stupid swine flu~~~ now even human need to take precautions ready~~~ haiz...wonder what is going on in the pig farm haha oh well, brain crappy ready haha till then

    Bye bye♥ ♥


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Saturday, April 4, 2009


    haha.. wah~ our blog why like so so so long nv update le huh.. hahha =D come let me update ba...

    ah wen lehz.. now in indo.. hahah.. faster come back oh =P ah jo lehz.. should be still resting hor.. back from china le .. faster update... hahah wanna know more nehz =D

    now lehz.. still holiday.. at first wanna find job de.. yet cannot find.. now lehz.. holiday about to end le ba~~ then got job.. diao =.= ~~ so decided not to work le.. enjoy holiday ba =D

    hahah~~ LET"S ENJOY BA.. hehe =D nan de de holiday eh.. if school starts we would be busy again le. =(

    anyway.. in this holiday.. i learn how to knit oh.. knit handphone, mp4 pouch.. even though not perfect.. but still can use those kind la.. not bad le.. at least i learn dao le.. hehe.. but very tired de.. knit dao siao.. hahah takes hours nehz.. haah =D but FUN hehe ~~ =P

    ok la.. nth to say le.. everyone enjoy your holiday ba =D and let's wait for jo and wen to update what happen to them in china and indo ba.. qi dai oh.. haha =D

    BB =D

    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    Blurry Wendalyn
    OMG!!! this blog has not been updated for like CENTURIES!!! haha well Wifey Jo is still in her hols hehe she will be back tomorrow!! haha well,had our exam like LONG TIME AGO!!! haha guess all were fine...well think result will be out soon....haiz...
    well,holidays can really be boring sometimes~~~ really nothing to do and just really ROT at home!!!...well rotting nicely i guess haha

    Well we are going to our year 2 soon!!! yeah=)) well, guess our life will be so much more busy and hectic and...noisy??? haha yeah~~~ oh well...had not been so many activities lately haha, went out with Siti a few times to eat hehe oh my Arnold in GOOD!!! hehe chick chicken♥♥♥♥♥♥♥...Well..didnt took any pics recently haha so no pics to upload eh~~~ hehe

    Well guess now wait for my both wifey to upload their parts ba=)) haha tadaaa~~~~


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Thursday, January 29, 2009

    ♥Blurry Wendalyn♥
    Well here for just a quick post hehe, Will promise to upload all pics once we are all like really free haha, Well, Yesterday was SERENE'S 18Th BIRTHDAY!!! ahaha HAPPY BIRTHDAY SERENE=)hope you love our gifts and the cakes haah even though you were "punished" when you guess correctly and was being "masked" by the cake haha hope you like it all.
    Then went to Ah Shi's house haha whew the food is YUMMY!!! haha help her clean up all those foods =b hehe not bad uh haha, then went to play 21pts ahah not bad not bad.Got won and lost haha.
    We were playing for quite long and without knowing it, it was already 7 plus haha time to go homw~~~ hehe...
    And the next day is another draggy schooling da which is TODAY!!! and it was the grp 2's turn for oral debrief haiz...still stay like the ICA1 haha but luckly also haha cause thought screwed up for it haha...well now the only problem was that I THINK I AM LOSING MY VOICE!!! haha well guess i ate too much hehe but heck haha will recover sooner or later haha...
    Well nothing more to add on, waitng for my other 2 wifeys to upload theirs haha oh and pics haha nt now~~~ later hor haha after all projects are done haha will show the whole world the other side of SERENE SIN!!! haha gonna love it man ♥♥♥ haha


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Saturday, January 24, 2009

    Blurry Wendalyn

    Yo YO Yo back after awhile eh haha. have been busy with projects and AT LAST it is HOLIDAY~~yeah yeah yeah haha. All the projects seemed to turn out not that bad. Micro was ok, debate was FUN!! haha well basically Ah Shi and me were the only two that are really into it haha, and POM, was gd haha.

    Tks Wifey Jo and Shi, as well as Zhimin, Serene and Karen for celebrating and planning all those "surprises" for me on the 22=D loves you all much haha and you all can be sure that I WILL NOT BE LOST FROM NOW ON haha.*shld be*...

    Oh well, CNY is approaching like ! MORE DAY!!! and I can eat as much as i want, got those ang baos *YAHOO!!!* and see those long lost relatives that i don't even know i was affiliated to haha.

    Well...already in the holiday mood...as can be deduce haha, I think everyone are in that mood haha, shopping, eating, sleeping, cleaning houses haha...Well, we MUST MUST MUST enjoy our these 2 days to the fullest!!!if not...oh school will reopen on the WED!!! haiz... y cant they just have the whole wk as CNY holidays???? damn it!! haha ok ok till then

    Bye Bye


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    YOYO.. i am back ~ Shi*~~~

    Wondering eh.. why you come post right... hahhas.. =D cos i just happen to drop by.. then realise why no one post the latest de lehz... should be very bz doing project.. esp the sharepoint ba...

    And plus now i almost complete liao.. so come relax relax a while lo..and update =D

    This week super super super BZ ar... have 4 projects nehz..
    - Econ
    - Debates
    - Sharepoint
    - POM

    Alot ba.. aiiyo we all so ke lian.. next week already NEW YEAR liao.. but now we still doing projects nehz... chiong-ing still..

    XIANG DANG NIAN.. at this time we playing liao.. and looking forward for CNY liao.. BUT NOW?? haix.. still doing projects.. these project make me burn midnight oil lehz... make me turn into panda liao.. OMG.. =(

    FASTER finish.. so i can relax and enjoy my CNY.. but i doubt so la.. cos our projects due soon le..
    - Sharepoint..

    Aiyo .. we really so BZ.. i think we would have to burn midnight oil again le ba.. =(

    JIA YOU my friends.. we left 3 more projects to go for this week.. JIA YOU JIA YOU =D

    ok la.. now i have to go and do my debate and see if i need to edit my sharepoint le... =D


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Saturday, January 17, 2009


    Yo.. ah wen keep asking me to post.. so here i am .. haha =D ytd 2am then sleep.. at first is really guai guai doing projects.. but in the end.. as usual.. SLACK le.. haah =D

    =**( .. next week die le la.. need to do the individual IT project - SharePoint.. haix,, sian nehz.. DON UDS LA... die-ing soon.. T_T

    aiiyo ytd sleep at 2am.. and today wake up at 7am.. and later going ah ma hse.. go home le must faster do project.. econ de.. OMG.. now is my turn to be bz le.. OMG~~ ahhhhhhhhhh..


    ok la.. i have nth to post le.. GOOD LUCK to all of us next week ba =D hehe ... JIA YOU my fellow friends =D

    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Friday, January 16, 2009

    Blurry Wendalyn

    Haiz...well although today was the last paper for ICA2 written test, no "happy" mood haha. Well I think cause the AFA paper was kinda hard and most of us are soooooooo deadddd haha.

    Then after that went to meet Siti at Hougang mall...well as usual she is LATE!!! haha supposed to study econs(Siti and Annette)haiz... as usual, we are all hyper girls and ended up gossiping,eating and playing a fool around CP haha so can guess go out study with them will always ended up doing nothing haha.

    Well neet to chiong for projects...there are like freaking 3 projects held next wk!!!
    MICRO- still ok
    POM-got witch grading us~~~
    SHAREPOINT-maggie mie GRADING!!!!
    haiz...sianz sia haah well, still freaking haven got my MORNING CALL YET WTH IS THE MATTER WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hehe shan't complain anymore, meeting Jo,Shi,Sheng and Chen for oral project tomorrow haha bye~~~~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    ♥Blurry Wendalyn♥

    Haiz...today stats ICA2 was totally HOPELESS!!! don't even understand what the questions are talking about!! OMG!! and each questions are like 14 to 17 marks!! oh shucks!!! then stay back to chiong for POM project which is due like next wk!! haha...well upcoming test is like on friday AFA and still was not really "hands-on" with all those *formulas* yet haha and here I'm blogging and playing with all my accounts haha so relly DEAD!!!

    Oh well, think shld start on AFA ready haha tadddda so long haha till then=DD MUACKS everyone and GD LUCK FOR THE TESTS!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Sunday, January 11, 2009

    ♥ ♥ Shi*~
    Today.. is my first day of DUTY in NYP OPEN HSE.. haha.. only me & ZhiMin on duty..

    I am late to meet ZhiMin cos i have to teach my Belle Belle to do HW... she looked so happy to write.. but don like SCH.. keep nagging and nagging.. haha..

    Then we are 4 mins late.. haha.. then we don have our shirts etc.. aiiyo.. our duty is actually bus-in de.. but don know why.. in the end .. we ended in walk-in.. aiiyo more challeging.. cos when ppl wanna go to a particular school.. we have to bring them to that school.. and not like bus-in.. there is no route.. and PLUS PLUS PLUS.. we are not famailiar with all sch.. OMG~~~ but still die die also must bring yeah.. hahah.. but luckily.. first tour is me and ZhiMin bring de.. there are mother and 2 kids.. haha.. then we don know what to do.. we also don know how to chit chat with them.. cos first time ma.. don know what to do.. hahha then the mother even ask us on how many ppl are there in NYP.. hahha i am like blur~~ HOW MANY PPL?? i really don know nehz.. hahha.. then i anyhow boom.. luckily ZM also got help.. hahha =D Then we bring them to alot of sch.. last is SBM.. then we left..
    Then we went to find derrick.. cos we are wearing the NYP orientation shirts.. felt do left out..so we went around.. finding lots of lecturer then we gotten our SHIRTS.. (FINALLY~~)

    Then we went for more tour.. and one tour scared me is individual.. ( I really felt scared at first.. trust me.. you would.. ESP when you are not very confident in all the sch) but i still die die also smile.. to make them feel safe.. but in my heart was pounding so hard.. keep thinking on the route.. and looking around.. and try to talk to them.. hahha =D but luckily.. i bring to the correct place.. (this gain my confidence) hahah =D
    BY THE WAY .. Good Luck to those who are taking result on monday.
    even thought i am tired.. really tired.. cos other than walking.. also used my brain.. have to think on the places.. and ans all their *strange* qn .. hahah.. =D but quite meaningful.. hahha even thought got slack la.. NICE EXPERIENCE I CAN SAY =D


    actually today.. our duty is from 2-6 pm de.. but don know why.. ytd they msg me and ZM.. it says is from 12-6pm.. =**( .. i can't sleep late again... don know why.. always feel tired.. I WANNA SLEEP.. haix.. so we go sch at 12 le lo.. nv go for briefing.. then go do duty le... (* cos we know what to do le ma// no need breifing le la).. today I VERY SLACK.. i must say so.. cos i only have one tour.. but this tour take them to lots of places le o.. with ah jo de.. hehe =D quite fun la.. i more familiar with most of the places le.. not that scared le la.. but still a little bit lost hehe =D.. then we got see the experiment from one of the lecturer oh.. nice experiment.. hahah =D

    And let me more happy de is.. i meet my old friend le .. (FINALLY) hahha.. in NYP.. so many ppl.. yet i saw him.. quite happy la.. he's wen bin.. hahha .. he still the same.. keep saying me stupid.. spoilt my image in front of my friend =( hahha.. but FUN la.. we talk a while.. cos he got duty to do ma.. haha =D he still the same.. nv change at all.. still tall.. ( or i am short?? anything la.. haha..=P) but we forgot to take pic.. stupid.. so long nv see le.. hahah.. but today my leg super tired .. maybe ytd walk too much le.. haha =D anyway have to end here le.. need to study stats le =D hmm end with pic taken on sat ba =D

    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Friday, January 9, 2009

    ♥Blurry Wendalyn♥

    Well...seemed like my other 2 wifeys have disappear so yeah haha, well open house started like yesterday haha my shift is on Saturday, which is the same as my wifey JO♥♥♥ but wifey Shi's shift is diff from ours=( gosh, hope the "ushering" will be the same grp with Jo they all...at least not 1 ppl to give the tour if not will be LOST in NYP!!! gosh...

    Haha went back to SMSS today...well, met all the teacher...the purpose of the visit i to take the testimonial...but....in the end...haiz...never take again...so we(Siti and me) still need to go back again another day...haha and there met a gosh...don't know how to say but SCARY!!! haha

    Well will go to study stats now have test on tuesday for it ARGH!!! haha


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Wednesday, January 7, 2009

    ♥Blurry Wendalyn♥

    Oh gosh it's like 3:09 am now and here I'm updating our blog haha. Really can't sleep and at last i got my hair dye!!!TKS to wifey JO haha♥♥. Well the color should be copper blode, but the shade is not fading to that color yet haha=b

    Oh well, today was quite a fruitful day, done with POM projects...althoug there was a BIG problem in between with the ARTICLES!!! yeah, but overall the report was complited haha*clap clap*. Need to stay back for micro project tomorrow...well later today haha,today almost everyone was playing with the face book's word challenger haha totally HIGH when playing haha.

    Well looks like our bolg will be left "untouch"for a period of time..at least untill our tests and presentations are over haha which is like NEXT WEEK!!! gosh it's damn fast, feels like it's only yesterday I was still dreaming and playing and holidaying!!!haha oh well, till then tadas~~~lalala♥♥


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Sunday, January 4, 2009

    ♥Blurry Wendalyn♥

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE...well it has been couples of days since first of Jan 2009, but still in New Year mood haha♥♥♥

    Well here I'm blogging and looking at the AFA lecturer notes for the upcoming ICA2!!! ARGH!!! why is there such thing as tests and exams!! can't it be terminate???haha oh well,complain won't do anything haha so must buck up haiz...SHIT still haven't start on stats yet...OH GOSH!!!haha, well guess everyone should be working theirs asses out on the upcoming tests haha ok ok won't slack also haha GD LUCK EVERYONE=DD♥♥♥♥

    ♥ANYONG♥(well~~~that means bye bye in korean haha)


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Friday, January 2, 2009


    Haha... Time passes so fast! It's 2009 alr... Yeah... Finally all primary, secondary and JC peeps starts school liao... so im feeling more balanced!!! Alamak... 2nd day of New Year and we're having curly hair's test!!! Kuku man!!!

    Haha... Im feeling rather thrilled currently becos CNY is coming and i got new hair colour! Yipee.. Violet Red.. Haha... But ii really hope that it will last till the CNY.. Pls don fade man!! I oso finished buying my New Year Clothings le...

    Aiyo... I donnoe what to write liao la!!
    To be continued....

    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    ♥Blurry Wendalyn♥

    YOYOYO EVERYONE it'll be the end of 2008 today and by 12 IT WILL BE A WHOLE NEW YEAR=D.WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY AND FRUITFUL 2009♥♥♥♥=).

    Well went Bugis with Siti and as usual, we ate a lot haha,fishball noodle,fried fish soup, wanton and straw mushrooms=D oh...satisfied!!! Hehe, well,haven't been updating for quite a long time,all those projects and tests coming out OMG!!! really very stress!!! haha.

    Haiz...still haven't got my morning call yet...ARGH!!! what's taking it to be so long!!!haha,well...nothing really to update these few days haha,so till then so long haha

    ♥♥HAPPY NEW 2009♥♥


    Let me be with you forever... ;


    haha..Long time nv write le..today last day of 2008 le.. hahha =D must at least write something.. but i don know what to write.. wahahha =D Anyway.. during our happy mood celebrating for new year.. we still need to study HTML .. SAD RIGHT?? haha...hahha no chioce.. =] So everyone JIA YOU ba =)

    So 大家明年见了哦 =)




    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Sunday, December 28, 2008

    ♥Blurry Wendalyn♥

    Wow, it has been awhile since we 3 lazy wifeys update our blog haha,well...for me nothing much has been goin on since friday, where we(Jo,Derek,Shi,Zhimin,Serene,Karen,XB ,WX and me)went to east coast and cycle. Haha being the only one that doesn't know how to cycle,my 2 wifeys had to take turns and ride the twin bicycle with me hehe tks dearest=DDD...well, our butts really hurts!!!haha, went to the beach and played stones and sands haha, well took some pictures too haha
    ♥Well, we tried to took pics od the tides...but it seems to be a failed mission haha, oh oh oh and take a look t our beautiful footprints haha Ah Jo and mine heh, Ah Shi has it in her hp haha so must wait for her to upload hers haha... well we're sort of having a deprived childhood haha, so now we are making up for it haha♥
    Well, then after the cycling,Jo, Derek and me went home, had something on at night haha then the rest went on shopping haha...well school will reopen on monday which is like TOMORROW!!! argh!! not fair, the rest of my poly friends were still RARAYING!!! haiz...sooooooooooooo sssssssaaaaaddddddddddd...=((
    Well still haven't had my morning call yet till now!! WTH took him so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha well,just being emo for awhile hehe...well, till then haha wait for my other 2 wifeys to upload their parts haha lazy sia them haha♥♥♥♥♥

    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    ♥Blurry Wendalyn♥

    Wah my other 2 wifeys don't know disappear till where ready haha. Well I'll be the first to update the blog today haha. It's my sis birthday today yeah, and that means go eat Eat EAT!!!lala haha. Went to Tony's Romas for the ribs oh yummy haha...

    ♥Ain't those mouth watering?? haha well, I took them like halfway through our lunch haha forgot to take pics in the beginnig haha, well, still look delicious uh haha. Gosh I think I'm always uploading foods' pictures in our blog haha *ooops*♥

    Haha then ofcourse not forgetting the birthday cake...well it was actually log cake haha...

    ♥so chocolateyyyy!!! haha not bad uh hehe♥
    Gosh damn sleep today, talk till quite late with that person, not morning call though~~~sigh* sad sad sad haha, well christmas is like TOMORROW!!! haha well, times really flies few more days and it will be schooling days for us NYP ready...not fair, other polys have at least 3 wks...well...better no more holiday mood haha even though I think most of us will still have haha=DD well, till then, thats all for today haha Merry Christmas and Happy NEw Year everyone=PPP


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Monday, December 22, 2008

    ♥Blurry Wendalyn♥

    Today went to PS with Siti, Yinfei and Annette.We three(Siti,Annette and me) went to watch twilight haha well at last can watch it like in clearer vision haha, wow Edward is really PRETTY under the sun!! haha he can glitter so cool!!! then after that went to meet Yinfei at Daiso. OMG don't know why met so many people in PS today. Mett our darling SMSS classmates Nicole Tan and Amanda Tay. Gosh miss them alot!! it has benn like a year since i last saw them. Then came Fongkay. Its like a small 4e2 gathering haha gosh miss our SMSS those fun times fooling around and shouting all over the school.Took some pictures with Nicole and Amanda....

    ♥GOSH!!!NICOLE'S HAIR DAMN SHORT!!! well...Siti took our pics, so she is not in it...she doens't want to be in the pic haha weird uh she...♥
    Then after like 30mins exchanging gossips with them, went to eat Long John Silver. haha...then go window shopping...OMG!!! then i saw Siya haha, was so shocked at that time, she is actually working in PS the Ajisen haha, haiz, have I known she work there should have gone her work place to eat haha maybe still got discounts haha... and Nicole(NYP) was working near PS too. There was a bazzar going on outside the mall, there was where she work haha. Well after went to diff shops, nothing much to buy cause wallet left no$$!!! we decided to leave for Siti's Mc place and exchange Christmas pressie among us(Siti, Yinfei and me). Oh gosh, Natalia came back from US too!!! called me whether can meet her tomorrow...so sad can't, but she will come back to Singapore on the Jan, will meet her by then gosh today was sure full of surprises!!! Met up with lots of my SMSS classmates and even NYP haha.
    Haiz, was supposed to meet up with wifey Jo and Shi tomorrow, but something happened, haiz, so i can't go...haiz, was so looking forward to eat those shushi and scallops=((( now need to wait till don't know when then can consume those shushi gain=(((.Still no morning call till now!!! triple sad!!! and the other one kept calling haiz... well, hope all will be ok by 24, so at least can celebrate my sis birthday...so far temperature drop till 38 ready... hope can get well by tomorrow...well keep on hopping then hehe till then, bye bye for today=DDD


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Sunday, December 21, 2008

    YOYO!! Im back... After so long of MIA!! Even my two lazy wifeys have alr posted la~ Haha.. Hehe..

    Wulala... I'VE WATCHED TWILIGHT WITH VALVAL! Hehe.. So long no meet up le, there're so many things to catch up and gossip about. Hehe!! And the MOVIE IS EXTREMELY NICE & INTERESTING!! Edward is super cool and cute!! [ I LOVE HIS PROTECTIVENESS OVER BELLE~ HOW I WISH MY BF CAN BE LIKE THIS!!] =X I guess this movie is super popular cos we wanted to watch the 5pm show but its alr SOLD OUT!! Kuku man.. So no choice we bought the 720pm show.. Meanwhile, we went ps shop shop and eat.. Such a enjoyable time! Haha.. After the movie.. we went back PP mac to slack. Haha.. Nowadays PP Mac fewer buddies le.. All busy with schools and NS! Hehe.. I missed those fun times together! LOVES PP PEOPLE! <3

    [ My PP Bestie - Val & Jo] Haha... Taken during our waiting time!!

    [ Kuku FACES!!]


    In the afternoon, I went shopping with LING.. wooo.. Shopped at FAR EAST PLAZA for some clothes and accessories! Hehe. LING is super duper siao abt shoes la!! She's practically trying on all kinds of shoes that she fell in love at first sight! Lol! Too bad.. we're not able to buy ALL thou otherwise i guess her mum will skin her alive!! Wahaha... We slowly walked from Far East to Plaza Sing (in my HIGH HEELS) OMG!! That experience was really horrible! My legs were aching like siao! At one point of time i went feel like walking in bare foot!! Arghhh..

    Then in the evening.. I met up with my sis to shop for xmas present. Hehe.. While waiting for SIS (who is always late!) , I saw JOEY! Hehe.. One of my PP Besties too! Haha.. We started crapping and stuff.. Sweet Time Man!! Then, there pop up my sis and baoxiu! Haha.. Went TCC for dinner and started shopping like crazy!! We bought a total of 20 over xmas presents la!! So HEAVY!! ~SHAG!!

    Today.. Went to interview my ex-boss elaine for the POM project.. so i got a chance to meet up with my lovely colleague(Hwee Hong). Supposely, we were meeting for lunch at the Golden Shoe Market. I missed the NICE & CHEAP FOOD! But in the end, we ended up shopping AGAIN! Alamak! Its always SHOPPING that cause me to go on hungry stomach. Hehe =X Then, met up with sheng at Raffles MRT and bring him go my office. Hehe.. Waited for elaine to return from her meeting!! [And evan pops by =X oops] Haha.. While interviewing elaine, she was like promoting a book that she read! Everything that she said practically came from that book! Hehe. Anyway thanks for sparing the time for us!!

    Then sheng and me went to suntec to meet bao - for an interview as a waiter! Haha. Can you imagine sheng as a waiter?? Haha!! So funny. However, the pay was like damn patheic la ($5 per hour only) Doubt sheng will even take on this job! Lalala~ Then after the interview, we went shopping for sheng's gf xmas gift! After such a long time of search for presents, Sheng finally got a necklace! Hehe..So nice and sweet of him sia!! Such a good bf! Wahaha.

    Then, the 3 of us met up with sheng's gf for dinner!! Wulala! JACK PLACE~ The food is like damn nice can!! Esp the LOBSTER SOUP AND THE COD FISH!! SIMPLY DELICIOUS!! Hehe.. After dinner we went walk walk.. and guess who i saw!! Wahaha.. I saw WILLIAM (my sec sch friend!) Hehe.. Chatted for awhile and went off. Hehe=X Off to meet DEREK!! Hehe.. Such a fruitful and tiring day~

    In the morning I went to carissa's secondary school~ im actually helping and accompanying her to the registeration for her secondary school.. She got into HOLY INNOCENT HIGH SCHOOL!! which was near Wen's place!! Haha.. Next time i can meet her home! Haha.. The school isnt as bad as i tot it was.. still okay la.. Then i saw Karen with her sis too =X Hehe.. Such an coincident!

    After registeration, carissa, her mum and me went for the appointment for a haircut!! Zzzz... It turn out to be horrendous!! Eeeks!! I don like my hairstyle!!! I guess it really don suits me well!! Bleahs!! [Im disappointed]
    [Demanded by wen!! I'll post my stupid hair photo next time. =.=''' =p]

    As usual, weekends are reserved by ah rek le!! Hehe.. We went shopping at Bugis!! Wulala.. Dear bought aot of NEW YEAR CLOTHES MAN!! Haha.. A change of style i guess!! So Shuai!! Im totally in love with him again la!! Haha =X Then after shopping, it was followed by a PP gang BBQ session at Joey's New House. That's quite a wonderful bbq session~ full of wines, alcohol, mahjong sessions and loads of fun & laughters!! And everyone was like drunk?? Haha.. I really really enjoy these precious moments with all~ LOVES!!

    OMG! Its sunday alr man!! Time flies~ so fast one whole week of my holiday is gone!! Alamak! Anyway.. Im gonna enjoy my HOLIDAY!!! Wulala.. I was back home abt 4am after the bbq~ damn tired!! Slept at rek's place till 11plus then went ps for a movie session! Hehe! We watched YES MAN!! ohhh.. i strongly recommend all peeps to watch this show la. Its really interesting and FUNNY!! Hehe.. Oh yeah!! And rek bought me a GUESS SLING BAG! Haha.. (A return of what he broke! =X ) Hehe.. We also went to shop for a pressie for gift exchange and also his mum's birthday present which falls on the xmas day! Hehe....


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    ♥Blurry Wendalyn♥

    Haiz, was so bored, really nothing to do sia haha.Well ah Shi hehe, goin to watch it on Monday haha so its ok hehe.

    Haiz, the one supposed to call never call, the one that i don't really want to talk to keep calling haiz... when will i get my morning call gain???haiz...wah stomach damn pain lar...well cramp lar haha woah~~~cant stant it haha, think will be lying on the bed the whole day ready ba haha, then tomorrow will have the energy to go out with Siti, YinFei and Annette haha, so long never meet up with them ready haha, especially Yinfei haha always MIA!!haha...

    Well, today the whole day at home so BORED!!! sheesh want to go cut my hair sia, its like so "big" haha too fluffy ready haha...but don't know when will go cut sia haha. ok ok,nothing else to write haha, so will post gain tomorrow=DDD


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    *~ Ah Shi*~

    **Thursday =D
    Today lehx..very fun =D cos i and Ying'er went to bugis to watch twilight.. hahhaha aiyo ah wen ..ps ar..i watch that show le..=D hahah... that twilight very nice nehz... =P the nan zhu jiao very shuai... but the nan zhu jiao's dad more handsome and even younger then the nan zhu jiao nehz.. weird hor =D hahaha but don care la..still nice.. so i borrow the storybook from Ying'er.. hahha..intend yo chiong hahha..=P that blur Ying'er became the joker for the day nehz =) haha ..

    We right went to bugis cinema.. then we went to buy popcorn as usual ar.. =D but we shock dao.. you know why.. the popcorn was super large de man.. like the KFC delivery bucket nehz.. WAHPIANG ~~~ too big le la.. when auntie bring out..we were shocked..we looked at each other nehz.. hahha =D then nvm..the drinks was like even bigger then the normal one by two times... OMG...too BIG le ba !! TIAN AH ~~

    Then when we went in..it was super dark de... then we can't even see each other.. then we can't find our place.. then Ying'er ask other ppl lo... then the funny part comes.. cos that cinema is old de.. so the chair is like those foldable de.. when we wanna sit.. we have to push down the sit then can sit de.. but my qing ai de Ying'er is cute de lo.. she damn stupid..nv pull then sit.. then she like PONG sounds.. then sit.. wah damn funny.. then i saw le..but nv laugh.. then when i am sitted..i ask her.. then she says she thought i nv see.. then we keep laughing and laughing throughout.. super funny =DThen lehz.. we walk from bugis to orchard...LI HAI BA =P super tired.. hahah

    **Friday =D *~ 好久不见的老友聚会~*
    We went to Ah Boon's house for steamboat =D then damn FUN !!!
    Around the 10 of us went to Boon's hse =D we but ingredient tgt and eat tgt... laugh dao i damn tired de.. =D We sit tgt and eat...then i, boon and Ying'er sit on one side.. then our ingredient was like all vegetable.. then Mika's side was like all hotdog, crabmeat, fish etc.. all HAO LIAO at their side.. then when we started to eat.. all like hungry ghost..snatch dao siao.. hahha =D

    The first round of snatching..I lose.. hahha cos all stand up and snatch.. boon, ying and me was shocked.. then all we can get is all vegetable.. hahha =D

    Then second round.. i and boon stands up and snatch liao..hahah then finally..we sntach dao le.. vegetable and a few hotdogs.. hahha =D not bad la.. got improve liao.. then in the end,..boon stands up and get all foods for me and ying.. hahha.. gentlemen nehz =D hahahThen we play games in the end..

    Me & HaiRong =P

    Me and Sebast =D
    Haha.. this one is our XIAO HUA activity.. eat too much mush excercise =D we playing black jack.. then lose de..must do some push up.. haha ended everyone wanna vomit.. i laugh dao super tired.. haha

    Lastly..we ate ice-cream and that's the end of our gathering.. super FUN de =D reach home about 11pm le.. hahha tired but happy =D

    HAha..let me post some of my house princess =D the super naughty but cute gal =D


    Let me be with you forever... ;

    Saturday, December 20, 2008

    ♥Blurry Wendalyn♥

    Hehe as promised, i'm here to upload yummy pics from HK wahaha well, it will mostly be food haha, but not all ba, still got Disney de haha.Not all complete though aha if not it'll be like over 500!!!haha

    ♥Oh my gosh you actually need to took like 5-7 of those elevator to get out from the airport...AND also the train to the exit!!!haha the airport was like SOOO BIG!!!!!!!!!!haha ♥

    ♥My first DimSum there hehe, well there are lots more,but i'm too hungry to took those perfect one haha so most of the pics were taken after halfway through haha so will just post these perfect "condition" ones haha YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT HE PRAWN!!! SO HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!♥

    ♥These was my first reaction "OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! SO BIG". Gosh there were actually 2 BIG PRAWNS IN 1 WANTON!!! and and and the noodle are all so springi and...not all clumped together...they were actually..."separate" haha don't know how to describe BUT IT WAS HEAVENLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥
    OH oh oh and their fishball was so diff from Singapore, theirs were actually...real fish???haha don know how to say but it was YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAH=DDD

    ♥At night went to Xing Guang Da Dao hehe took a few pics but these are the more "artistic" haha then after that went to take the boat to go back to hotel haha, quite advace uh, not only have bus and MTR(MRT), bu also boat haha♥♥♥

    ♥ Oh My the egg tart there was sooooooooo crunchy!!! to TOP it, there was birdnest!!!!!!!! haha see those white transparent stuff haha yup, it was birdnest haha...don't really have the birdnest taste though, but still looking elegant haha=b ♥♥

    ♥Oh my don't look these fried noodle like its normal, BUT THE TASTE WAS BEYOND HEAVEN!!! never taste anything so nice before hehe, my second day's breakfast haha ♥♥♥

    ♥Well, looks like chicken??...hehe it was actually pegions haha very nice though, but the oil was like....SO MUCH!!! crispy till the end=DD yummy ♥♥

    ♥Well, Ah Jo ask me to die die must try the mango sago ahah and i DID!!! oh gosh, the mango taste immediately melt once you put into your mouth!!! and the mango was SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! very yellow right?? haha got flash lar haha ♥♥

    Haha ok ok lets all move on to DisneyLand haha,Quite small, but still fun haha not as cold as mainland, but still need to wear like 3 clothings!!! haha

    ♥The bus that I took to bring me to and forth from hotel to DisneyLand hehe cute rite??? OFCOURSE!!! ♥♥

    ♥ Actually these was my sis mango pudding haha, I ate one of the ear though haha *oops* wah all the food there was really in the shape in mickey!!hhaha even the ketchup haha but neer post it haha ♥

    ♥Hehe zi lian yi xia xia haha in my hollywood hotel haha. Nothing to do ma, waiting for mom to pack bag hehe, even the towels were in cute bunny and rabbit angel shape haha nice nice nice ♥♥♥

    Well here are some pics i took with the Disney Characters...(never really rotate it though hhah lazy lar=b)

    ♥Haha pity those ppl inside the costumes haha the weather there was quite hot though haha and PLUTO was damn playful!!! keep hiding my face behind his ear!!! these was the ONLY one pic that i'm not behind=((( haha and eeyore see him nua nua i also fell tired for him♥

    ♥Let go to the small small world hehe♥

    ♥ Well there are more of it from diff continents, but too many ready haha don't wanna make this blog to be photo album haha these are those nice ones haha the rest was not really so magically haha these looks more in fairyland haha...*psps* all those thigs were really small!!! no wonder its a small small world haha, was touring with a boat haha, at that time rally feel like playing with the water haha but cant..=(( hehe ♥

    ♥ This is the Golden mickey show haha, well, by now you shld be able to guess y it's called golden mickey hah cause practically THE WHOLE STAGE WAS IN GOLD!!! haha the whole show was nice haha oh oh went to watch the 3-D show too haha Donald was damn funny haha and there were really the effect of water spraying at you and you can actually fell the *snow* falling haha(it was actually bubbles hehe) ♥♥

    ♥Hehe took in fantasy world haha, i was actually holding on to a fairy's leg haha but i doubt can see it haha oh well, i was looking pathetic though hahha ♥♥

    ♥Can't imagine you need to mop the floor when you are in the holiday rite?? well...so sad lar, i actually need to mop the floor with this...MAGIC BROOM!!!haha see i sweep till so happy cause DONT EVEN NEED TO MOP AT ALL!!! it listen to my command!! COOL UH!!! hehe. was in mickey's house haha, took quite alot haha but these is the only one i can come out story with haha the rest can't think haha...*brain freeze* ♥
    ♥ Hehe wanna a tree house?? GO BECOME TARZAN!!! haha never really went there though haha the queue was like 100M!!! haha ok ok too exaggerate BUT IT WAS DAMN LONG!!! haha lazy to wait lar, and TOO HUNGRY ready haha ♥

    ♥ These are the parade ,one day there were 2 parades haha and i catch the last one haha, was really LOUD!! haha, there are the Disney princesses and characters waving to like...everyone...haha, oh there was this mermaid, wearing only BRA!!! oh gosh she must be frozen haha, the temperature was like below15 degree at that time, but she still can manage to...smile haha her mouth must be fozen at that shape le ba haha pity her..haiz~~~~ ♥

    Haha well, these are more or less my whole trip for 4 days 3 nights in Hk hehe don't want to put too many pics haha later become picture blog haha ok ok end with me in my new disney hat hehe, but i think look quite emo though haha can't blame me, took in the morning...was still*sleeping* hahah

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


    Let me be with you forever... ;